Stop Smoking Tips For Advanced Smokers

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Your decision to give up cigarettes at this advanced stage of cigarette smoking seems to be a desperate decision and there must be strong reasons for that. You have increased awareness within you. You are convinced that you need to give up smoking once and for all. Still, you agree that you can't resist the sight and taste of the burning cylinder.

?You have to reverse this cynical situation. The first and the foremost weapon in this difficult yet possible endeavor, is your will power. There is no other potent force that can be of more assistance to you in this critical juncture.

You need to take out the feeling from your mind that smoking is associated with pleasure. You as a smoker have a peculiar type of mood swing. The cravings for the smoke give rise to irritability, stress and headache.

Such a situation can be reversed only by going to the root cause of your smoking. What are those unconscious conflicts that stop you from stopping smoking? A dent has to be made through your conflicts and find the way to weaken them.

For this you need to attend special smoking cessation classes and your involvement with such efforts should be on day to day basis. It has also been found possible to break the die-hard habit of smoking with hypnosis. Well, some hypnotists have claimed to have helped smokers to quit smoking within 48 hours.

At this stage, nicotine is in total control of you. So if the smoking habit is given up abruptly, it could result in sudden weight gain. This is a proven fact. But you can try the available natural, non-addictive natural botanicals to help you quit smoking. These have no side effects. Nicotine normally suppresses hunger and this type of suppression might have prevented your weight-gain.

Think positively about the benefits of giving up smoking and let them get implanted in your mind firmly. Some of the obvious benefits are, you will save substantial amount of mental clarity and your focus will be better. Plus, your anxiety and depression levels will decrease.

Also develop the habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables with lots of fiber contents in them. Make juice of fruits a permanent part of your diet. The accumulated toxins within your body will soon decrease and with that your will to fight against smoking will increase.

The day is not far when you will join the non-smoker's alley.