Stop Smoking Tips For Women

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The statutory warning that ?Cigarette smoking is injurious to your health,? has no salutary effect on the smokers, men or women!

Nicotine is such a powerful agent that has the capacity to subdue the discriminative capacity of individuals. Forget about men for a while. They have been smoking ever since this tobacco appeared on the destructive scene through its various forms.

Women are supposed to have the sixth sense. They are believed to have the capacity to decide what is good and what is bad.

And yet, women in the 20 century surrendered at the alter of the nicotine and such surrender is increasing at a rapid pace! And now a time has come when women need tips to stop smoking.

The beings who have the inbuilt trait to give tips to everybody on any subject under the sun, now are led to a point when they need tips to stop smoking.

There is no dispute, whether smoking is good or bad. Smoking is bad. The spiritualists said it once, the scientists say it now.

There is agreement between the scientists and spiritualists regarding the ill effects of nicotine. Cigarette smoke contains about 4000 types of poisons and about 50 of them can even cause cancer!

Do you wish to know anything more annoying? Go on smoking and one day you will die much earlier than you expected. Again a note that may sound more philosophical but it is a typical correct assertion! If a man is spoiled, a man is spoiled. If a woman is spoiled, a whole generation is spoiled.

The tips that hold good for all against smoking hold good for women also. But the alert-like tip that women must take care of is if they smoke, it directly affects the health of their kids. Especially the pregnant women. She should never smoke as the smoking in pregnancy can be very costing. In the worst of the cases, the deformed child can be born.

When you have the strongest urge to smoke, try the substitutes such as chewing gum, the herbal cigarette. Your idle mind is the devil's workshop. Develop friendship with the non-smoking fair-sex, and involve yourself in endless gossiping. When you feel the urge to smoke, just get up from that place and go out to take a brisk walk in the lawns or in a garden.

The first few days or weeks of your effort to follow the stop smoking tips are going to be crucial. If you are successful, you are one of the missionaries to give tips to other women to stop smoking. The reformed turned the reformer!