The Importance Of Exercise In Leading A Healthy Life

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Can you define a friend? One who is always there with you in difficulties and make your life beautiful and enjoyable. We are having a lot of friend, but there is one person who gives you more than a friend. She is none other than our, Mother. Mother, this very word when we listen or say, gives us relief as we are sitting in the comforts of home. She is the one, who takes care of everyone in the house and makes life and things easier for us. She is the one, whom we could say a caregiver.

A) Hey! What is this caregiver?-
Caregiver is the one, who always helps you, when you are in trouble and take care of your wants. But, who takes care of the mom? She also gets tired or her muscles get fatigued. For all the moms out there, apart from doing household jobs and taking care of your family members, you should also take care of your health. Mothers are the backbone of a good home, so all of you must take care of yourself. If you spend a little time on exercise from your daily routine, then surely, you can give more to your family members than they demand. Exercise will give you more energy, flexibility to your body and power to do work. After exercising, there will be a feeling of freshness and you can do work, more efficiently. It is also prevent you from getting fatigued. Sometimes, one may get the frustrated with the same regular job. Exercising makes you fresh and act as an exit door for every frustration and all.

Apart from making you mentally fresh and emotionally strong, it also has many benefits regarding your health. It is quite helpful in minimizing the ratio of heart problems, diabetes and obesity. It also enhances the levels of blood pressure, prevents osteoporosis, provide balance to your body while climbing stairs or walking. Lastly, the one thing, which every woman in the world wants to maintain, is her beauty. Exercising regularly will bring glow and freshness at your face. The cause of this radiant complexion is the inner freshness that you are experiencing.

B) Getting started-
There must be many questions or excuses in your mind regarding exercises.

For Instance, I am too busy to do all these things, or how could I exercise at such an age? On the other hand, where should I exercise?

Do not worry; there is a solution of each of your query. First, you can take out some time for exercise, from your daily work easily. There are easy exercises that you can perform without any need of extra time. Such, as gardening, going for short walks in the evening, housework or if possible then you can also join a club.

Second thing one must consider before joining any exercise program is the proper medical checkup. You must consult your family physician or any other doctor, before going for an exercise program. Get all your tests done, such as the blood or ECG etc. Due to any complication in your tests, if your doctor advises you not to do exercise then simply follow your doctor?s advice. On the other hand, if he says you are perfectly fit then you should definitely follow this exercise program.

There is one question in your mind, which is disturbing you a lot. Who will take care of the small baby, or old grandmother, or any other family member, who is unwell? To solve this problem, call an agency or your family members can help you out or any of your friends. Thus, you need a proper planning to overcome the problem.

Now, you are ready to follow this program, but still one question is disturbing you. You are concerned about your safety. It may be possible that you will get hurt or seriously injured. To avoid such situations, always appoint a trainer or a buy a book or video CD, sport shoes etc.

C) Plan exercise program for youself-
The best exercise program one can follow is under the guidance of a trainer. In your staring phases, never exercise too hard. According to your MHR (maximum heart rate), one should exercise at 70 to 80 percent of heart rate.

The different types of exercises are:
1.Aerobic- This involves walking, swimming, dancing etc. All muscle related activities.
2.Weight training-It enhances the muscle power and balance of the body.
3.Warm up exercises minimizes the chance of injury. Pursue warm up exercises before performing the exercise program. On your fitness level, maintain your THR for 20 to 60 minutes.
4.To avoid dizziness, you should end with five minutes of cool down exercises.

Within the periods of two to six months, you will surely feel some change in you. Thus, to lead a healthy life, continue this program throughout your life.