A Few Tips on How to Quit Smoking Marijuana

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If you thought smoking marijuana was less harmful than smoking tobacco then you are wrong. Marijuana is as harmful, and maybe even more, as smoking tobacco. Hence, it is imperative that you stop smoking marijuana immediately. Here are a few tips that can help you do so.

* As the first step, attack those very causes which inspire you to smoke marijuana. Figure out those situations and moods in which you feel a sudden and compelling desire to smoke marijuana. Once you have done that, try to find out ways in which you can avoid these situations. Take the help of family, friends or counselors to overcome the psychological impulse created within you in these circumstances.

* Clear out your room and house of all those things which remind you of smoking marijuana. In part, these things also create a desire amongst you to smoke.

* If you are feeling stressed and thus taking marijuana then it is best that you find out about the other ways to destress yourself. Talking about your problems can help. Exercising can also be an excellent way to reduce high levels of stress. In fact, to destress you can do all those things which you personally enjoy.

* Whenever you experience an urge to smoke marijuana opt for some herbal chewing substitute. This can be anything. Chewing herbs would salivate your mouth and would partially curb the physical symptoms experienced when you crave for marijuana.

* Have a positive attitude towards giving up smoking marijuana. If you adopt a negative attitude and approach towards it then you would never be able to do it. Think positive and know that since others have been able to do it, you too would do it.

* Since a sudden renunciation of marijuana can produce severe psychological cravings, it is best that you adopt a gradual but steady approach. Also, pamper yourself whenever you attain a pre-specified goal. Treat yourself to the thing you like the best and fully relish this moment.

* Consulting a doctor can also help you give up marijuana. A proper check up can help you know the pace at which marijuana needs to be given up. However, do not forget that it needs to given up completely.

* Finally, once you have yourself given up smoking marijuana help others around you to give it up as well. Be supportive and help them give up on this bad habit.

Remember, smoking marijuana destroys you psychologically. Its addiction is also psychological. Hence, you have to attack these psychological causes to come out of pot addiction.