Try The Effective Four Ways To Stop Smoking!

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The most popular ways used to quit smoking and not in any particular order are:

1. Willpower-
This is probably the most used ways for stopping smoking and one that does work. Actually a certain amount of willpower will be required no matter what method of quitting smoking you use.

Unfortunately willpower kind of suggests a fight and suggests that if you are strong minded you will succeed and that if you fail you are weak minded. The description willpower is not helpful as far as stopping smoking is concerned because of the perceived battle that the word suggests.

A better word would be 'decision'. Just make your decision and then that can be that. But make it a final decision and not some half-hearted attempt and then you can quit successfully.

2. Cutting down-
This involves willpower with the idea of feedback that you are succeeding plus knowing that you are gradually weaning yourself off any perceived chemical dependency of cigarettes. In theory it sounds great because if each day you smoke one less cigarette you know you are getting closer to stopping.

Unfortunately in order to know how many cigarettes you are smoking you have to count them and then know at any particular moment of the day how many you have had and how many more you can have.

This method means that you have to think about smoking much more than if you were smoking freely. If something is on your mind more often, then it can make it harder to stop it. If you really want to succeed with using the cutting down method, do not get into counting each cigarette.

3. Patches, gum and lozenges-
These methods still give you nicotine. The idea is that it helps with any withdrawal symptoms you may ordinarily put down to stopping smoking. It is an odd sort of logic in that patches, gum and lozenges still give you nicotine as a way of helping you to stop taking nicotine via cigarettes.

Also as long as you chew gum, suck lozenges or have to wear a patch it constantly reminds you of smoking. A constant reminder is not a useful method to use to help stop doing something.

4. False cigarette-
This is a substitute for the action and behavior of smoking but without the intake of all the chemicals involved.

It helps those who would ordinarily miss doing something with the hands, or those who would feel less confident with having nothing in their hands.