Hookah: Another Name Of Smoking Equipment

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The preparation for Hookah smoking goes like this. Firstly, cleaning of Hookah is done with cold water. Then select a bowl of tobacco, light it and add charcoal to it. The aroma of hookah will come out through the bubbling water. After filtering it with water, it becomes cool and soft. The pleasant smoke of hookah will charge up the senses.

?Certain techniques are also applied to enhance the experience of hookah smoking, such as putting ice in the water or chilling of the hoses. Addition of fruit juice or wine in the water leads to enhance the flavor of hookah smoke. To develop a special flavor, customers as well as the manufacturers mix tobacco with other flavors.

But, before smoking Hookah take these precautions and steps. Charcoal used in the Hookah should be appropriate, as there are certain harmful charcoal briquettes that can lead to intake of carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas. Take a little quantity of Hookah tobacco in the bowl. Some people add more tobacco to enhance the flavor of Hookah, but it is a wrong notion. If you are not getting the desired flavor then it is because of less heated coals. Add more fresh and hot coals and enjoy flavor of Hookah smoking.

Hookah smoking is mostly done among friends and family members. It is more or less like a culture or tradition. Thus, Hookah smoking has certain rules and regulations. For Instance, Charcoal heat should never be utilized for lighting cigarettes. On another person?s face, never blow smoke. But, if the person demands and want to enjoy the flavor then you can blow the smoke. Never share the plastic mouthpiece with other person. When a person set a hose on the table that means he had finished smoking. Now, other person can use the hose. Wrap the hoses around the stem, after the completion of hookah smoking. While smoking hookah only go for tobacco.

So, enjoy the Hookah smoking with your friends.