Cigar Boxes Used as Various Items

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For many years I have gone to different arts and crafts sales. Initially I went to purchase items for our home and also to get ideas for crafts that I could make as gifts. There are always beautiful pieces of work at the various shows. There are also things that I would be embarrassed to admit to making. I cannot believe that some people would pay for a stand to sell poor quality ugly things. Now that my home is decorated and I have given up on making crafts, I still go to the craft shows just to see what people have come up with.

Recently my neighbor and I went to a craft show that was held in the conference center of the area casino. There were three different vendors that featured cigar boxes in their crafts. My neighbor and I managed to witness an argument that turned into a physical altercation involving the cigar boxes.

The two vendors were escorted from the conference area and workers from the event were assigned to sit and watch their craft items so they would not be stolen. It started by a male vendor telling a female vendor that she was wasting good cigar boxes to make her crafts. This was so insulting that the female vendor began crying. The male vendor then taunted her for crying. She was so frustrated that she slapped him and started throwing his cigar boxes on the floor. He grabbed her hands to keep her from breaking things and she started screaming and trying to swing at him. A security guard managed to get them to stop and lead them both out of the area. The female vendor had used cigar boxes to make purses. She placed a handle on them and a clasp so that the contents would not fall out when it was carried. They were a novelty item. She was charging from fifty to one hundred and seventy dollars for each purse. The price was determined by where the cigar boxes were from. The male vendor had also placed a clasp on the cigar boxes as well as a protective varnish. He was selling his boxes for paper and pen storage. The third vendor that was also featuring cigar boxes had made his into storage containers for decks of cards and dice.

My neighbor and I had to laugh about the excitement that occurred between the two vendors. We do not know if they let them come back to sell or if they made them leave the craft show. Most of the people that were in the area agreed that there was no way they were going to spend that kind of money for purses made out of cigar boxes.