Cigar Is No Less Harmful Than Cigarette

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Although cigarette and cigars both are harmful for health, people usually remain confused over the comparative potential of these products to affect their health.

Quick health problems may develop in cigarette smokers earlier than cigar consumers. One reason behind it may be more frequent cigarette smoking and regulated cigar intake. But, long term effect of cigar is dangerous. It often results in cancer.

More or less, cigarettes and cigars do the same damage. If you smoke one pack of cigarettes and your friend takes five cigars, you both carry equal risk of lung cancer. But if we sit down to compare one cigarette and one cigar then definitely cigar is more harmful due to presence of more tobacco in it.

Even long term effects of cigar tend to be more dreadful as the tobacco present in it contains other addictive chemicals and its wrapper that is made up of tobacco is not porous. It results in intake of more chemical by products of tobacco giving way to lung cancer, emphysema and other diseases.

vv As cigars don't carry the statutory warning, people assume that they are less harmful. But, real evidences contradict this accepted notion. Cigar has become a life style statement with this presumption that it's better than cigarette from the point of view of health.

To sum up, whether its cigarettes or cigars, they both are sure to afflict health problems on you and both are harmful in their own way.