Cigar Smoking

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Cigar smokers are at pain to explain to people who have not started smoking yet, that cigar smoking is a league of its own and is very different from the world of cigarettes. They feel that people smoke cigarettes simply because everyone else smokes. In their opinion, cigar smoking is a fine art that has its nuances and reflects good taste and sophistication.

Undoubtedly, cigar smoking has a subculture of its own. A cigar has a certain charisma attached to it. Its flavor is very different from a cigarette. It is also much stronger than a cigarette and is not something that every beginner can become used to in a short while. Novice cigar smokers keep trying to get used to the flavor, simply because of the glamour attached to a cigar.

Cigar smoking is a hobby, a passion. It is not just the craving for nicotine. The entire act of peeling open a cigar, and then whiffing and savoring the aroma is a ritual that probably has wine tasting as a parallel. To the connoisseur, Cigars are like a good sherry, whereas a cigarette is something similar to cheap whisky.

A case in point is if you want to gift cigars to a friend or a relative. If you had to gift cigarettes, then just about any brand would be okay. In case you want to gift cigars, you should buy the most exclusive brand available, or you might risk your relationship.

If you are in the company of a cigar smoker, never offer the person a cigarette. You just might unwittingly offend the person. A lot of us may feel that whether it is a cigar or a cigarette, it is stick that has fire at one end and somebody huffing and puffing away, at the other end.