Smoking 'Gun-Runners' Are Skilled In Deception!

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Smokers can relax, for a change. It has nothing to do with smoking?has nothing to do with carbon dioxide, nicotine, cancer and heart attack! The matter intended to be mentioned is entirely different. It is related to smoking gun.

Smoking guns have nothing to do with the relentless domestic wars that are going between husbands and wives.

This smoking gun means? incontrovertible evidence of guilt. Smoking 'gun-runners' are the ones who are skilled in deception! The men who wear masks! Or those who carryout clandestine, operations to unmask others!

In the modern era to unmask others, has become a major industry, apart from sensationalism involved in it. Smoking gun is twice blessed! It 'blesses' the giver of the blessing and the receiver of the blessing. Both get enormous publicity depending upon the 'fire-power' capacity of the gun. Many heads roll sometimes, without a shot being fired.

The phrase smoking gun was coined first by Republican Congressman Barber Conable of USA during the Watergate Investigation. On 23rd June, 1972, a tape of smoking gun was released. The conversation was held between Richard Nixon and his Chief of Staff H R Haldemen. What happened subsequently is the history!

In a democratic set up where political activity and freedom of press is guaranteed under the Constitution, smoking guns have assumed great importance. We read from newspapers, TV Channels how smoking guns are used to let the public know how criminals, celebrities and politicians are the targets of smoking guns or how they themselves use the smoking guns to destroy others and to vindicate their stand.

Special sleuths and investigators are ever on the look out of tiniest smoking gun that could lead to war on any subject of national and international importance.

Apart from professionally trained persons who are trained to use the smoking guns, in this modern scientific era, robots have taken over the operations of the smoking guns. The super computers are also not lagging behind! Don't they say, ?the big brother is watching you?? The buying of a packet ofx biscuit by a person might be under watch and surveillance!

Is the smoking gun use, not an unethical practice? The corrupt may dream about a thousand smoking guns ready to attack him but why an honest individual worry about it?