Quit Smoking Through Acupuncture

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The dangers of smoking are known to all. But even after knowing the diseases caused by smoking we are not willing to put that extra effort to quit smoking. Acupuncture can be a powerful treatment to help those who want to quit. It can be a powerful tool for smoking cessation.

Millions of dollars are spent every year to discover different types of medications for smoking cessation programs. However, many smokers have given up trying simply because they can not shake off the addiction.

Acupuncture may provide the extra impetus to the smoker to finally quit smoking for good. How acupuncture actually works to quit smoking?

Acupuncture uses small needles of different lengths and sizes to stimulate the skin in a particular area of the human body. The area for stimulation is chosen corresponding to meridian or pathway that provides energy to the affected body field or area.

In case of smoking cessation, needles are inserted to the areas that will affect energy flow to the mouth, lungs and respiratory system as well as to the parts of the brain that create cravings for tobacco smoke. It has been proved in studies that smokers who are given acupuncture treatment have a less desire to smoke and their smoking actually decreases after undergoing acupuncture. It has also been proved over and over again that people who receive acupuncture treatment are twice as likely to quit smoking than people who smoke.

But there are certain things which you have to consider and remember before you receive acupuncture treatment. These factors are:

1) A smoker receiving acupuncture treatment to kick the habit must get it twice a week for three weeks to get the desired results.

2) The smoker is then taught how to do self acupressure on his ears in order to reinforce the treatment and help cravings to pass.

3) As all people will not be able to kick the habit by this single method alone, it is advisable to use it with other therapies such as nicotine replacement therapy or support groups.

Any therapy to quit smoking is good. Acupuncture may or may not be able to help you kick the habit. Even if it can not help you fully, it will help you reduce the cravings and the number of cigarettes you smoke will surely decrease to a large extent.