Are You A Smoking Fetish?

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The word fetish comes from the Portuguese word 'feitico' which means 'witchcraft' or magical practice. At the first instinct, the word loses respectability. For that matter, any word related to the area of smoking?how can it command total respectability! It also means anything to which one gives excessive devotion, more than what is required!

The champion smokers and those who champion smoking would do anything to allure smokers. They have to! The business has to thrive! The show must go on!

Often, famous personalities, stars, sports persons of international fame are associated with the smoking fetish-not in the actual sense, but the world of advertisement proclaims it. The fat royalty checks that the models and stars get, are drawn from the smoke coils that you reef off!

--And yet, in the corner of the screen you are officially warned, ?smoking is injurious to your health-the statutory warning!? A very strange, difficult to digest paradox! The Government know that smoking is bad, absolutely bad! And yet it can not ban it totally. This double act has to go on and regular additions need to be made to the smoking community, consisting of millions!

Unfortunately though, it is the women who are in the forefront of the campaign of smoking fetish!

Various types of smoking accessories like bongs, water bongs, glass pipes, smoking gadgets, colorful and attractive lighters, ashtrays, hookas ?contribute to the hype of smoking fetish! A thousand mad trains must be rushing in different directions in the mind of the smoker to make him realize that he is on the right track! A model standing in between two of the latest sports cars and doing what? Is she trying to promote the sale of cars? No, she is smoking a cigarette! Without perhaps realizing that one day she will be carried in the most unwanted vehicle- an ambulance, if she persists with the habit of smoking!

Smoking fetish is the ultimate point of disaster for a person who smokes! He is standing on the precipice! If he falls, and fall he must, it is the end of the world for him.

To start the reverse gear from the pinnacle of smoking fetish, lots of will power is required. From the point of fetish, he has to arrive at the area of quit smoking zone. How can a smoking fetish individual start the damage control operations? What is the starting point? When you feel that you cannot last another minute without a smoke, here is what one can do.

Take deep breaths and hold the last one while lighting a match. Exhale slowly, blow out the match, pretend it is as cigarette and crush out in an ashtray.

Light a candle or incense instead of a cigarette.

Hop in the tub or take a shower and this will delay your urge for cigarettes.

Munch oral substitutes such as sugarless gum, apples or carrots, instead of grabbing a cigarette.

You have started the return journey! Now, do not about turn?for ever NO! Thousands who have quit smoking, are waiting to give you a royal reception at the no smoking zone!