Does Respiratory Inflammation Persist After Smoke Cessation?

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Smoking is the major risk factor in the development of chronic lungs disease and smoking cessation is the only effective treatment for reducing the progression of the disease. Smoking harms you, every cigarette that you smoke damages your body, inch by inch. Smoking can lead to many diseases and many problems. Whenever somebody plans to quit smoking, the first thing that strikes his mind is: does respiratory inflammation persist after smoke cessation? There are lot many health problems associated with smoking, like asthma. To know more about it, read Smoking And Asthma.

So, your question was: does respiratory inflammation persist after smoke cessation? The answer is 'no'. Once you stop smoking, the inflammation reduces gradually. Quitting smoking helps in improving the functioning of the heart whether you have asthma or not. If you don't want to live with the respiratory inflammation, you need to go for anti smoking. Quitting smoking makes the life disease free. Your body gets detoxified and you save money spent on smoking products. Anti smoke programs recommend several ways to quit. Try them.

So, there is no need for you to keep coughing as you do. Go ahead, and join a quitting program, for there are not one, but several ways to quit. Try giving up smoking, it will help you a great deal.