Insomnia May Follow After You Quit Smoking

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Smokers often complain about the inability to sleep after they quit smoking. In fact, sleep disorders are a common side effect of smoking cessation. It is due to the nicotine withdrawal from the body. Also, there may be some people who might sleep more during the withdrawal period. But in most of the cases, people suffer from insomnia. This is more prominent in the first few weeks of smoking cessation. Below are some of the methods to fight insomnia naturally:

1) Avoid coffee and caffeine products When you are smoking your body will be able to withstand the effects of caffeine. But when you quit smoking, it can make you jittery and anxious. So, if you are having trouble sleeping in the night, you should cut back on your caffeine.

2) Take a warm bath It is another way to de stress and relax. It will help you feel better.

3) Herbal tea Having a cup of herbal tea is another way to increase your sleep. There are a number of herbal teas in the market to soothe and increase your sleep.

4) Have a massage You can get a full body massage, it is great. Even if you are not able to get full body massage concentrating on a few muscles can provide a great help.

5) Listening to some soothing music It is a great way to de stress and ultimately will make you feel calm and help you get a sound sleep.

6) Avoid alcohol Do not drink alcohol before sleeping. It disrupts your sleep. You may fall asleep after drinking, but you will wake up very soon.

7) Light exercise Having a light exercise will help you to get some sound sleep.

8)?Meditation Meditation can also help you relax and have a sound sleep.

9) Reading Reading a favorite book can be a great soother to sleeping.

10) A warm glass of milk Having a warm glass of milk will help you in having a great sleep. This is because milk contains amino acid L-tryptophan which soothes your nerves and helps you in getting a sound sleep.

11) Naps Avoiding afternoon naps and getting up early in the morning will help you to combat insomnia positively.

These easy steps can help you combat the devil of Insomnia. You just need to follow them. Just keep your calm and stick to your commitment.