Nicotine Addiction Test

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People smoke for different reasons at different times. Though, reasons for smoking vary from person to person. It may include their psychological dependence, compulsive habit or social pressure to smoke. But the most important reason for smoking is their physical dependence on Nicotine.

By identifying your reasons for smoking, you can soon quit this habit altogether.

Knowing the level of addiction will help you decide the course of action you are required to take to chuck this habit out of your life. It will help you decide whether you need medications or not. The following questionnaire will help you decide what are the reasons behind smoking and how much you are addicted to it.

Read the following questions and mark the option you feel is correct for you:

1. Why do you smoke?
A. You smoke for pleasure and to relax yourself
B. You smoke to get a lift to prevent yourself from slowing down
C. You smoke when you are angry or upset and realize that you are not smoking.

2. Do you find it difficult to stop yourself from smoking in public places such as a library, an auditorium or church?
A. Not at all
B. Sometimes
C. Always

3. When do you light up your first cigarette in the day?
A. No specific time
B. Between 30 to 60 minutes after waking up
C. Within 5 minutes of waking up

4. How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?
A. Less than 10
B. Between 10 to 30
C. More than 30

5. Which cigarette will you find most difficult to dispense with?
A. Any one
B. During the first half of the day
C. The first one

6. Do you smoke mostly in the first few hours of the day?
A. Not necessarily
B. No
C. Yes

7. Do you need company to smoke?
A. Yes, always
B. Sometimes
C. Never

8. Is smoking a part of your day to day routine?
A. No
B. Can't say
C. Yes

9. Do you smoke to fight stress?
A. No
B. Sometimes
C. Always

10. Do you smoke when you are sick or when you are in bed?
A. No
B. Sometimes
C. Yes

According to the answers to the above questions, rate yourself. First of all, tick the one answer which you think is the most appropriate for you. Then line up the answers accordingly to know your dependability on cigarettes. Be honest to yourself!

Mostly As
If you tick A most of the times, it means you smoke cigarettes as you get a lot of physical pleasure from smoking. You feel good after smoking. It can be safely said that you are in the first stage of nicotine addiction. It does not mean that you are not susceptible to smoking related diseases. In fact, you are equally exposed to suffer from heart and lung diseases. Quitting smoking is relatively easier for you.

Mostly Bs
If it's the maximum number of Bs that you have marked then you are still not hooked. It has not become a part and parcel of daily life. You are mostly a social smoker. You usually like to smoke with others. But if you do not stop right now, it would be impossible for you to do so later. You are also likely to suffer from all kinds of smoking related diseases. Quitting would be difficult but not impossible.

Mostly Cs
Maximum number of 'C's point towards smoking being a complete hook for you. You are psychologically and physically dependent on nicotine. It is a hard addiction to break. You are supposed to suffer from all sort of smoking related illnesses. You still can break free from it if you consult your physician and follow the instructions carefully. With the help of different medications and nicotine replacement therapies, you will be able to successfully walk out of the dreadful situation.