Quit Smoking: A Case Study

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This is the story of David. It is a poignant little story regarding David's obsession with smoking and the difficulty he had in quitting the same. Now he proudly tells others that he is an ex-smoker. He is now enjoying life in all its glory and bliss. This is what David has to say about his efforts:

?A few summers ago I paid a visit to my physician with pain in my chest. I was 33 years old then. He made me go through some tests and when I returned the next time, he uttered those unforgettable words, ?David, it is high time you quit.?

"Really", I said jokingly, "I have quit smoking many a times."

The physician didn't return back the smile. He said "Your baby is one year old, isn't she?"

Yes, she is a cute baby and I love her very much"

"And how many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?" "35 to 45", I said.

I was then in a stressful job and I smoked to keep awake and not to slow down. The physician said, "I have some bad news for you. You have got a form of coronary heart disease and if you do not stop smoking right now and forever, I doubt whether you'll be able to see your daughter's 5th birthday."

When someone tells you that kind of a thing, right in your face, you just don't know where to go. I had always wanted to quit but as I was young then and not mentally prepared to quit, I never tried to make serious efforts.

But I have known my physician for years. He is a no nonsense person. And I know if he is saying something it has to be straight. I knew than that I had no alternative. Either I had to quit smoking or perish. I threw down my packet of cigarettes right in his chamber's dustbin and said, ? I will be an ex-smoker from now on."

Easy said than done. To go cold turkey in that fashion is very tough. The next few days were quite challenging. But I have kept the promise I made to myself. I never gave up. After almost two straining weeks, I started to really believe that I had done the impossible and started to treat myself as an ex-smoker.?

This is the story of David. Though it is a physical and mental addiction, David knows that if he someday weakens, it would literally mean putting a nail to his own coffin. Only his will power and determination saw him through in those difficult times and are still carrying him through.

To avoid any kind of distractions, David avoided his smoker friends for a while. He became an unsocial person for the time being. Gradually, he lost the urge to smoke.

David is now 50 year old and waiting for his daughter's 21st birthday this year. The pains and sufferings of those earlier times is a distant memory now. I wish the same for you. All the best!