Smoke Free Australia

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The phrase "anti smoking Australia" depicts the need of anti smoking agenda in Australia to make it an anti tobacco country with records of no or meagre number of deaths due to smoking. Well, there is a large chunk of people who smoke cigarettes in Australia and all have their own reasons behind the habit. But, it has been found that many of the reasons are generally the myths which are making fool of the people and are making them put their own life at stake. These myths are sometimes invented by the smokers only but they don't realize that by doing so they are only harming themselves. For more information on the smoking myths just read Smoke free Australia

Many people are surrounded by the smoking myth that light cigarettes do not hurt them too much but the fact is that there is no such thing as a safe cigarette as the poisonous elements of a cigarette such as nicotine and tar are there in the light cigarettes as well. So, all the truth should be known to the people to discontinue their smoking habit. To make the meaning of the phrase "anti smoking Australia" clear, the help of campaigns, posters, ads, public service announcements and many more such things can be deployed to create the propaganda of anti smoking. Also, for suggesting smokers an appropriate smoking cessation program, anti smoking products and some anti smoking injections can be used. Smokers must realize that quitting is not that difficult if you stay determined and do not lose the courage and determination of giving up the habit.