Smoking Facts- Cann't Hide From Them

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A recent survey has shown increment in production, sale and the number of smokers in Nigeria. Along with it, there is also an increment in the death rate due to smoking. A survey conducted reveals the growth in the number of death of passive smokers. In a year, more than 11,000 people die in UK due to passive smoking. You can conclude, if this is the data of passive smoker then what about the smokers.

In public places, health experts and Doctors are demanding complete ban on smoking. Due to growing death rate of passive smokers, they are demanding certain rules and regulations for their protection.

There are several causes of death such as household structure, unemployment, passive smoking and active smoking. On the base of researches done over the causes of death, it has been found that smoking is the main cause.

Tobacco one of the main ingredients of smoking is already causing a lot of harm. But, still its producers are making a lot of money from its farming. Tobacco is nothing but death of our loved ones; still we love to have it. We are spending a lot of money in buying this poison. Over the cigarette pack, it is clearly written that ?Cigarette smoking is injurious to health?. Still we go for it and the cigarette companies are making a lot of money form our death.

When all of us know, that cigarette smoking is dangerous and harmful for health then why do not we quit it. A few significant steps are also needed from the side of the government. They need to ban all the products related to addiction such as cocaine, heroin, Indian hemp etc.

Moreover, we also need a powerful determination of quitting smoking. Based on a few misconceptions, we should not make a fool of ourselves that we cannot quit. Make your mind clear from all the wrong beliefs and determine that ?I will never smoke?.