Smoking- Making A Fool Of Yourself

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Nicotine is the substance of addiction. Experts consider nicotine as the most addictive substance. In spite of this, they are unable to prove that nicotine can lead to physical addiction. Nicotine does not lead to high physical addiction.

?There are certain substances such as Heroin, Cocaine that are highly addictive. When addicts do not get the doses of Heroin and Cocaine, they becomes out of control. They are unable to manage themselves without the intake of these substances. On the other hand, if a smoker quits smoking then nothing happens like this. Their bodies are in complete control. Several of smokers quit smoking daily but they never experience any physical problems.

Now, one can easily conclude that cigarette smoking is simply not addictive. If it leads to certain addiction then you cannot live without it for long hours. Like in several flights, smoking is prohibited or in various public places, you cannot smoke.

You are making yourself fool by assuring yourself that smoking is an addiction. Thus, you are unable to quit it. Smoking Cigarette means killing yourself by inviting several dreadful diseases. Smoking can only harm you, whether physically or financially.

The ever-growing Tobacco companies are the one, gaining from your smoking. They are only making you fool by selling this poison to you. Along with these companies, you are also making a fool of yourself. Before quitting smoking, smokers already declare that they could not live without smoking.
Now whenever you decide to quit then remind yourself only one thing. That quitting smoking will not lead to any physical problems and it is not a physical addiction.