The Art Of Quitting Smoking

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? How to preserve health after quitting smoking:

1. Physical fitness-
?Daily exercise can be a good reminder to make one realize that how much of the energy he has lost due to smoking as he will find it quite tough to exercise properly. Physical fitness enhances your energy levels and by bringing you close to the nature, it also diverts your mind off smoking.

?Beginners should exercise for 30 minutes initially not essentially on regular basis. Exercise not only ensures good health but also helps in controlling weight. You can go for exercises like brisk walking and playing.

2. Good eating habits-
Good eating habits ensure prevention of weight gain and make you feel good. Eating nutritious diet on regular basis helps a lot but you should not change yourself too fast as it can result in fatigue.

Never try to quit smoking during bouts of tension only to prevent snacking. It can result in consuming more snacks or taking to smoking again and the person becomes addicted once again.

3. Resisting longings-
Once you quit smoking, you should also learn how to resist craving for cigarettes and food. If one learns to overcome craving for 5 minutes, then it generally goes off.
Try to busy your hands and mouth with things like chewing gum, solving puzzles to replace smoking.

4. Be optimistic-
Eating habits become better with the passage of time as you left smoking and food tastes nice when you become habitual of eating healthy food.

Don?t be pessimist and let yourself not to be afraid about weight gain. If it happens you will surely lose weight with the help of your eating habits and be confident about your choice to stay healthy.