Why is it Hard to Quit Smoking?

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It?s always easy to start any addiction but difficult to quit. A smoker may not have any particular reason to have begun smoking, but there is a very significant rationale to quit. It is the health, the very life of the smoker which is at stake.

The body and mind of a smoker gets so much accustomed and prone to nicotine that it becomes very difficult for a smoker to quit. Nicotine is a very addictive drug and it makes the smoker a slave to the addiction.? Attempts at quitting may result in relapses and the reinforcing the addiction.

There are many reasons which make frustrate a smoker?s attempts at kicking the habit.

Some of them are

Lack of Will Power
Any kind of achievement requires a purpose, drive and strong motivation.? Once we make up our minds to quit, then nothing should hold us back.

Lack of Friend And Family Support
The people around us can be a source of constant motivation and encourage? the smoker to reform this deadly habit. They can keep the smoker busy in some other activity of interest.

Choice of the Correct Aid
It is difficult for a smoker to quit smoking cold turkey. An aid or a nicotine replacement therapy is important to periodically provide the smoker with a low dosage of nicotine and enable him to gradually kick the habit.

While the smoker is trying to quit smoking, it is important to stay away from those places and people who will tempt the smoker into a relapse. The smoker should take up an activity or hobby, which will help divert attention from smoking.

Any single one of the above reasons or a combination would make it difficult for a smoker to quit.

It has become easier now days to quit smoking due to the variety of aids available in the market. A smoker can consult a doctor, take recommendations and formulate a plan to quit or reduce smoking.

It is not easy to quit smoking. However it is not impossible. The decision lies with us.