Giving Tobacco License To Kill!

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Tobacco has harmed the humankind severely. Still no one is taking action against it. If the government helps in the fight of injustice or against terrorism or any natural or man made calamity then why they are not paying concern to the tobacco. But, before reforming of the whole society, one should reform oneself.

Do not love your body?

You must know that smoking cigarette means giving entry to 4000 toxic chemicals into your body. You can imagine the amount of damage that these 4000 poisonous substances can do. Think for a while, of pouring adulterated fuel or any other harmful substances into your favorite car tank. You can easily estimate the damage you have done to your car. Similarly, making the entry of 4000 poisonous substances is like killing yourself.

Is it possible for you to pour harmful substances into your car?

No, you cannot do this to your car, then why you are doing this with you.

People are unable to quit smoke due to several of misconceptions. It is nothing but the addiction of nicotine that completely overpowers them.

For Instance, smokers say smoking makes them feel nice, or the taste of tobacco is simply great. There is one very common excuse for smoking is that to de-stress oneself. Whenever smoker gets tired, he felt the desperate need of cigarette.

All these are quite common excuses. Now, ask a non-smoker about these excuses of smoking. He would certainly be happy without smoking, as it makes him fit and healthy.

If you really want to quit smoking then simply decide not to smoke. Your own decision will help you in quitting smoking. Even a chain smoker can quit smoke if he determine firmly.

Just pay a serious concern to a few issues.

The first thing you must consider is your body; you must take care and keep it healthy.

Secondly, decision to kill your enemy who is killing you.

Thirdly, cost that smoking has caused for you. You have spent a lot on this poison. Lastly forget the past that will help you in quit smoking. Just remember that nicotine is my enemy and is killing me slowly.