Anti-Smoking Posters

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Smoking is bad for your health. The habit? harms every organ of your? body. It is one of the major reasons of lung and other cancers. There are numerous other health problems likely to afflict the smoker such as emphysema, cardio-vascular disease and stroke.

It is important to educate youth about the ill effects of smoking. Mass media communication channels are playing a very important role in educating the public about the ill effects of smoking. Posters are a great way of conveying a message. Posters add visual impact to promote tobacco control and provide education messages.

Most people retain and understand what they see much more effectively then what they hear.? Posters play a very important role to promote battle against smoking.

Anti smoking posters are being printed around the world to make people aware about the ill effects of smoking. Posters are printed in different shapes, size, colors and styles. These posters are based on results of latest research carried out on smoking. They convey ideas and pictures which at times can be very forceful and discourage people from smoking. These posters also motivate existing smokers to kick the habit.

Anti smoking posters are quiet common and used frequently for campaigning. The most popular posters are based on the changes which take place in the body of a smoker. The posters clearly and effectively show the effects of smoking on the body. Almost every part of the body gets damaged on account of smoking.

?The posters can be seen around medical institutions, schools and colleges. The basic theme of these posters is to enlighten the minds of youngster and to discourage them from smoking. Anti smoking posters depicting pregnant women, children and their side effects are also common. The posters show that there is already enough vehicular smoke and pollution to adversely affect out body.

Smoking cigarettes adds to the effects that existing pollution has on our lungs. Posters portray the message that air is a shared commodity among all people. It must be kept clean and free from pollutants. This type of campaigning and propaganda makes these messages popular and provides support to the anti-smoking cause.