How Zyban Helps You Quit Smoking?

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Smokers are such a confused lot. Sometimes quitting smoking is a life time process. You as a smoke addict, is so eager to give up smoking, that you adopt all and sundry methods to quit smoking. Whether you get the results or not, is another thing. But you have the satisfaction of trying the latest methods to stop smoking, without actually being able to do so.

Where lie the fault- in the method or in you? The moving finger points towards you.

As far as the awareness campaigns are concerned, they are perfect. Everybody is aware about it in theory, with very few to follow it in practice. Nicotine addiction is ever on the rise. In USA alone every year 400,000 people die due to smoking. That is, 20% of the deaths in USA are due to smoking related diseases.

There is nothing like giving up smoking by giving it up! But the question is how long you can sustain your will power. People find it very difficult to quit smoking. When your resistance collapses, you start it with double vigor. You get anti-smoking pills and other over the counter medications. The principle involved in all such types of medications is that you are provided with small doses of nicotine to get rid the urge to smoking. The process is effective for the time being as it does not liberate you finally from the nicotine grip.

Zyban is one such stop-smoking aid. Its results, when compared to other medications, are better. Bupropion in Zyban does the job of an antidepressant. This along with its other ingredients boosts the level of many chemical messengers in the brain. The result of effectiveness of these medicines is less demand for nicotine. Your urge to smoking is reduced and weakened.

The style of function of Zyban is not like laser which gives instant results. Its criteria are ?slow and steady wins the race.? The treatment is started when you are actually in the thick of smoking. You begin to show the withdrawal symptoms within 2 weeks from the day of smoking. The course could continue up to 3 months, depending upon your requirements.

Zyban tablets are never chewed. They are taken in full. Never crush them or make two pieces. If you do that, the chances of side effects are real. Don't use your idea while on course of this drug. Go by what your doctor says. If you miss a dose, don't plan to take two doses, the next day. You may suffer seizures. If you are using any nicotine products along with Zyban, remain a non-smoker.

An interesting observation about zyban is that it was not researched and produced as an anti-smoking drug. It treated depression as well. People on this drug, began to smoke less. It thus, came in to the arena of stop smoking products.

Anyway this ban of the Zyban on smokers like you is most welcome!