Zyban: Is It A Sure Shot Way To Quit Smoking?

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Mistake it not, Zyban is a drug, not a therapy. It is not a sure way to quit smoking. It is one of the possible views to quit smoking! It is a prescription medication developed to assist smokers to quit. It is available in the pill form and does not contain nicotine in it.

Was its discovery, as a quit smoking aid deliberate or accidental? The later view has adequate credentials. Depression drug users suddenly found that their urge to smoke was never the same, once they started taking those drugs, of which Zyban was the important content.

Zyban, generically known as Bespropion, is an anti-depression drug. It is reported to work well, as a quit smoking aid. Zyban and Wellbutrin are both names for Bupropin.

Whether Zyban guarantees smoking cessation? Will there be zero cravings after it is used over a period time? Will there be no relapse? What about the side effects?

The answer to all the above questions unfortunately is in the negative. As for the side effects, the important ones are dry mouth and difficulty in sleeping. Sleeping is one of the most important factors in an individual's health, and if any drug interferes in this biological function, the merit marks for the drug will have to be less.

Zyban is aware of its shortcomings and it does not claim 100% success. Results vary from individual to individual and depend upon the clinical conditions of the patient, at the time of examination.

Even after taking a regular course of Zyban pills as recommended by your family doctor, the issue of withdrawal symptoms has remained more or less the same. Zyban might have lulled the nicotine effect in an individual to some extent; it has not destroyed it.

The lull effect may rekindle and rise again! When the supply of nicotine is cut off or reduced by an individual in his effort to give up smoking, dizziness, depression, irritability, anger, feeling of frustration, headache, restlessness and trouble in concentration lines up one by one. Or, for that matter, they line up all together and put up a stiff fight, for more nicotine supply, within an earnest appeal?please smoke again! Why do you make our life miserable? You have given us abode in your system so far and please continue doing that!

If you believe in the system, one step at a time, take Zyban and continue with other self-help guidelines. Plus, take care of your diet and exercise properly and regularly. This way quitting smoking will be one of your dreams, fit and deserving to be translated into reality!